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AKW Law founded upon the concept that no litigation is too tough for a team of talented, hard-working, committed lawyers.

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We Offer Metrimonial & Family Law

AKW Law was built on the idea that sophisticated legal services should be convenient, modern and affordable. State-of-the-art practice technology allows us to serve our clients efficiently. We put our clients first and achieve tremendous results. Experience how law can be done better..

Business Law

He advises founders, investors and entrepreneurs and the businesses they manage on corporate matters. Ahmad is also highly experienced in all private children matters including applications for leave to remove from the jurisdiction, change of school and child arrangements generally.

Family Law

Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties.

Criminal Law

At AKW Law, we comprehend our client’s sentiments and have enduring obligation to ensure their privileges and interest.

Civil Law

At AKW Law, you'll find the best and tramendous services into the matters of Civil Law. We Deals with property law, civil obligations, stay matters and personal injuries. Contact us for more details

Employment Law

State and federal laws govern the employer/employee relationship, as well as employers’ relationships with independent contractors. When employers approach that relationship and their responsibilities proactively, they are setting the stage for a smooth working relationship, so they can avoid potential legal problems later. The skilled employment law attorneys at AKW Law provide valuable counsel to business owners and leaders, helping them establish an employment framework designed to comply with the myriad of employment laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Law

Protecting your personal or business’ intellectual property though filings is an important step if you need to later enforce your legal rights. AKW Law has experience filing all types of trademarks and copyrights for clients and can help give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken steps to secure your rights.


Results that Speak for Themselves

AKW Law has a wide range of practice areas including Business and Trade Litigation, Representation of Professionals, Civil Litigation, Defense against Criminal Charges, Environmental Law Cases, White Collar Investigation, and Appeals. The exceptional staff at the law firm works day and night to ensure you receive the best results possible in your case. Following is a non-exhaustive list of practice areas for you to see how our law firm can help you.

We do not believe in ``fast food`` legal services. Our boutique size allows us to keep overhead low and provide our clients with a level of service large overstaffed firms simply can't match. At AKW Law you will find the experienced, trained and highly qualified lawyers that win you in the Court Room. That's why we called " Results that speak for themselves.

At AKW Law we return all client communications within 24 hours - day or night, weekday or weekend. All clients are given individualized access to our client portal where they can communicate securely with their attorney and receive any updates on their matter. Dealing with legal issues involves a lot of uncertainty...your attorney's billing practices shouldn't. At AKW Law we offer many flat-rate services and reasonable professional fee that provide clarity to your legal expenses. We prefer to surprise you with our exceptional legal work, not bills.

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    Practice Areas

    AKW Law is No. 1 & most leading law office in the Pakistan having offices of major cities of Pakistan. AKW Law has the unique ability to champion the rights of a wide range of clients in almost any setting, against any opponent, regardless of the pressure or the stakes.

    • Murder
    • Kidnapping
    • Assaulting
    • Harassing
    • Fire Arms
    • Fraud
    • Cheque Dishonoure
    • Conspiracy
    • Theft
    • Robbery
    • Breach of trust
    • Narcotics
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    Practice Areas
    • Family Law
    • Divorce Law
    • Criminal Law
    • Civil Law
    • Company Registration in Pakistan
    • Traedemark Registration in Pakistan
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